Episode #06: 8 1/2

The new episode of Cinema Italiano discusses Federico Fellini's landmark film 8 1/2, featuring special guest Albert Gutierrez! In our conversation, we go into how this classic tackles gender relations in modern Italy, Catholic guilt, the tension between honesty and deceit, and even how the film portends the coming of serious science fiction. This was an especially … Continue reading Episode #06: 8 1/2

Episode #05: The Gospel According to St. Matthew

Buona Pasqua! This is a special Easter edition of Cinema Italiano, with an audio essay on Pier Paolo Pasolini's The Gospel According to St. Matthew, exploring this excitingly anachronistic tale of Christ with themes and motifs that recur throughout Pasolini's filmography. Links: The Gospel According to Film - April 2018 essay comparing three films about the … Continue reading Episode #05: The Gospel According to St. Matthew

Episode #04: The Flowers of St. Francis

This episode features some news updates (including the Criterion Channel launch) and an audio essay on Roberto Rossellini's The Flowers of St. Francis, discussing its portrayal of the saint and his ideologies, plus the cultural context in which his story unfolds. Links: Social Media: Facebook | Instagram Letterboxd: Ciao, Criterion Channel! The Flowers of St. Francis … Continue reading Episode #04: The Flowers of St. Francis

Episode #02: Death in Venice

On this episode, we're discussing Luchino Visconti's Death in Venice (1971) with special guest and Visconti aficionado Jon Laubinger (Film Baby Film, The 25th Frame Media)! We go into the film's themes of beauty, art, and decay, as well as how setting and geography fit into this dark tale. Jon also shares great insight around how Death … Continue reading Episode #02: Death in Venice

Mamma Roma (1962)

Pasolini takes us to the outskirts of life and challenges our assumptions in the moving and intelligent Mamma Roma. Almost a mix of Nights of Cabiria with Mildred Pierce, this thoughtful tale of a woman who will do anything for her son leaves nothing at face value, and pulses with the confusion and pain of everyday life. Anna … Continue reading Mamma Roma (1962)

Canoa: A Shameful Memory (1976)

An angry mob, gripping torches and machetes, floods the streets to confront the outsiders. Fingers are dismembered before our very eyes. Innocent men are lynched. This is nor a horror movie, but a historical drama recounting the horrifying events that took place almost fifty years ago. Canoa: A Shameful Memory is an absolute juggernaut. It … Continue reading Canoa: A Shameful Memory (1976)