Weekly Round-Up: March 06-12, 2016

Sorry for the slow posts!

Two weeks ago, I saw:

  • I Knew Her Well (1965) – Very strong drama following a struggling model/actress in Rome. This has been referred to as “the female La Dolce Vita,” which it isn’t, as its overall mood and feel is more jolting and less dreamlike and flowing. Knockout performance by lead Stefania Sandrelli and featuring a terrific 1960s pop soundtrack. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
  • The Graduate (1967) – Full disclosure, this is probably my favorite movie of the 1960s. An essential American coming-of-age story with visionary direction and the powerful songs of Simon & Garfunkel. REQUIRED.
  • The Hunting Ground (2015) – Deeply troubling documentary on the campus rape crisis occurring at universities around the country, and the lack of response by administrations to put a stop to it. RECOMMENDED.
  • Poltergeist (1982) – This movie terrified me as a child, and it still doesn’t sit well with me today. The haunted house genre is pushed a step further with ghosts terrorizing and attacking children (not at all entertaining, to be frank) though its iconic visuals and genuinely scary moments are certainly commendable. NOT RECOMMENDED.

What did you see (not last week, but) two weeks ago?