Weekly Round-Up: February 07-13, 2016

Last week was a little slower movies-wise - I was pretty busy for the long weekend and it took me several rounds to get through The Two Towers (not the movie's fault - I was just tired!). I saw: The Danish Girl (2015) - Frustrating true story about a transgender painter undergoing through her transition in the early 20th century. … Continue reading Weekly Round-Up: February 07-13, 2016

Criterion Goes to Carnaval

You'll end up going [to Carnaval]. No one can resist the madness. In Catholic tradition, the pre-Lenten season is a time of gaiety and celebration. It is right before a period of fasting and penance, all culminating into one final wild night of the season: Carnaval. In classic film, however, Carnaval is less a celebration and … Continue reading Criterion Goes to Carnaval

Black Orpheus (1959)

Many arthouse films, particularly older, foreign ones, take a while to enjoy - extensive thinking, or are simply slow-cooking to develop greater understanding or appreciation for them. This is not at all the case for the dazzling Black Orpheus, an exciting, imaginative, vibrant work that truly made my jaw drop upon learning its release date. This … Continue reading Black Orpheus (1959)