The Swedish Girl: My Day with Alicia Vikander

Today I got to attend a screening of The Danish Girl, followed by Q&A with co-star Alicia Vikander! The event was held at The Pacific Design Center SilverScreen Theater in West Hollywood, CA at 11 am. I got there around 9:30-9:45, where a small line had already formed. I chatted with the people in front of … Continue reading The Swedish Girl: My Day with Alicia Vikander

The Danish Girl (2015)

Perhaps it was the bizarro audience with whom I experienced this film, but Tom Hooper's The Danish Girl comes across less like an emotional, complex love story and more like camp: pure and simple camp. Of course it's hard to go into this movie, about a Danish woman (born a man) transitioning into her true physical … Continue reading The Danish Girl (2015)