The Swedish Girl: My Day with Alicia Vikander

TIMG_8381oday I got to attend a screening of The Danish Girl, followed by Q&A with co-star Alicia Vikander!

The event was held at The Pacific Design Center SilverScreen Theater in West Hollywood, CA at 11 am. I got there around 9:30-9:45, where a small line had already formed. I chatted with the people in front of and behind me, each in various stages of working their way through this year’s Oscar nominees.

Followed by the movie (which I wasn’t really feeling), Alicia came out for a Question & Answer session. She came across very well, and genuinely surprised at how suddenly fame has hit her. The Danish Girl had finished production several months prior, and Ex  Machina about two years ago, and she commented on how funny it’s been that she’s become famous, now, for work she’d wrapped up quite a while ago.


Answering someone else’s question, she mentioned how little information she was able to find on the real-life woman she portrayed, Gerda Wegener. I then asked her what she did to prepare for that type of role, and she replied how it was a combination of the research they could acquire, with learning more about the transgender community, particularly by their loved ones. Her goal was to bring together the timeless experience of being there for someone you love, going through that process, and the historical context of the true-life woman she was embodying.

Afterwards, there was a mad scramble for autographs and photos; I struck out in the selfie department, but did get her to autograph the Ultraviolet Digital Copy slip (!) from my Ex Machina Blu-ray! (A silver Sharpie on the cover would have been an excellent choice, but I didn’t have the goods.)

No, I didn’t love The Danish Girl but I did love the opportunity to hear The Swedish Girl speak and participate in the Q&A (plus score an autograph). She’s already won the SAG Award and an Oscar may be on the horizon – we’ll know in 3 weeks!

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