The 73rd Golden Globe Awards

So this year’s Golden Globes went….not as planned.

I cut my cable cord a few months ago, and was going to tune into the show via NBC’s online Live Stream feed of their programming. I made it a mini-event, inviting several friends over to celebrate Hollywood’s (second-) biggest night. I’d prepped a mini bar setup as well as some nice fixin’s:


  • Variety of California & Italian wines
  • Signature cocktail: Manhattan
  • Antipasi & bread
  • Chex Mix

Unfortunately, despite several media outlets reporting otherwise, NBC announced Sunday morning that they would not be streaming the Globes online, even for cable subscribers.

This meant we were limited to:

  • Watching the Hollywood Foreign Press live-stream (which had no commentary and questionable camera choices – often unexpectedly zooming into people’s feet or signs)
  • Refreshing the main Golden Globes live feed page. This outlined award wins and presenters, but had no video content.

So our Golden Globes experience turned into a sort of cocktail hour, plus refreshing a web site. This is the first Golden Globes viewing I’ve truly missed in years (maybe ever) but at least this was a fun alternative!

Did you watch this year’s Golden Globes? What were your favorite moments? If not — were you also a victim of NBC’s “no live stream” policy? Reply below in the comments!


3 thoughts on “The 73rd Golden Globe Awards

  1. 1) I’m such a Disney nerd the first thing I noticed in your pics was the Studios Starbucks Mug. Nice 🙂
    2) I did get to watch the ceremony, and it was fairly predictable. The TV awards were the most out of left field. Ricky Gervais and Mel Gibson was probably the best/most awkward bit. Stil a bit sad that Mad Max didn’t win best picture. I liked The Revenant but its so obviously the award season movie of choice. Would have loved to see them chose a movie just as deserving even if it was less . . . awards-y (does that make sense).

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    1. Good eye! 🙂 I love those Disney Parks Starbucks mugs!

      That’s good to hear – I haven’t gotten a chance to watch clips (which I guess is the best I’ll be able to do) but I’m eager to see that, as well as whatever went down between Leonardo DiCaprio and Lady Gaga. I’ll definitely see both Mad Max: Fury Road and The Revenant, though The Revenant will be rough at 2 1/2 hours or so!


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