Persona (1966)

Well, if I thought Orpheus was wacky, I sure wasn’t ready for the complex juggernaut of Ingmar Bergman's Persona. This confounding yet hypnotic work brings together two very different women, puts them together in isolation, and very possibly unites them as one. Often ambitious films like this, with complex ambitions yet lighter narrative, lose momentum as … Continue reading Persona (1966)

Margaret (2011)

In college, my film professor once compared experiencing great works of art, whether literature, music, or film, to becoming closer to God. We, as individuals, go through life forging our own sense of morality and the Truth, so our organic connection to works of art we feel reflect this Truth is in fact a spiritual … Continue reading Margaret (2011)

Pickpocket (1959)

Robert Bresson's Pickpocket is a thematically complex, though ultimately slow (and somewhat unsatisfying) existentialist look at the life and ideology of a petty thief. The character Michel, played with an unsettling portrayal by Martin LaSalle, navigates his world with a haunting sense of loneliness and meaninglessness. In many ways, he seems to embody the film noir … Continue reading Pickpocket (1959)