Every Day’s the “Weekend”

I’ve seen this excellent film about 10 times now, so of course the experience of viewing it has changed since that first fateful and, frankly, life-changing time.

It’s such an exciting film to revisit because every moment of it is jam-packed with depth and little references that wouldn’t make sense unless you are re-watching it. Our knowledge of these characters and their histories aren’t fully developed until the end of the movie (duh) so going through the journey again with this greater perspective makes each viewing that much more weighted and powerful.

Without providing too many spoilers, here are some fun things to keep an eye out (roughly in order as they appear) for when you revisit this modern masterpiece:

  • Listen to the story Jamie is telling about an experience he and Russell had when they were young. Does it sound like the way Russ is now?
  • When does Russell wear his hat? Can you spot a pattern?
  • What are some of the questions Glen asks Russell as they go from the pool to Russell’s apartment?
  • What number is Glen to Russell? What does that tell you about Russell’s love life?

These are just some of the fun tidbits that come to mind. What are “clues” you’ve noticed in Weekend?

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