I vitelloni (1953)

The impressive third film by Federico Fellini, I vitelloni, is one of his most accessible because it has less typical Fellini-esque qualities; even as an adoring Fellini fan, I recognize that not everyone would necessarily enjoy his whimsical, surreal, and fantastical depictions of Italian life. This movie, about five young men in postwar Italy, exhibits more … Continue reading I vitelloni (1953)

Two Women (1960)

Like Bicycle Thieves over a decade earlier, Vittorio de Sica’s powerful and, at times, heart-wrenching drama Two Women explores the relationship between parent and child, and how far a parent will go to protect his or her family. Sophia Loren gives a phenomenal performance, worthy of the Academy Award she won, with an emotional range and intensity … Continue reading Two Women (1960)

Breathless (1960)

Breathless is a film that leaves you just that; it is a brisk 90something minute journey that rarely slows down, delivering an exhilarating experience through both its narrative and its filmic style. Godard’s first film follows a man on the run, after committing a murder in rural France, who reunites with a former flame, an … Continue reading Breathless (1960)