War Horse (2012)

Nothing short of remarkable, War Horse is the deceptively simple tale of a young man and his horse who are torn apart by World War I. At its core, however, the play is a powerful reaffirmation of human compassion and peace. The narrative focuses on individuals, whether they be simple farmers or seasoned military officers, while speaking … Continue reading War Horse (2012)

ParaNorman (2012)

What a delightful little oddball of a film. ParaNorman is a stop-motion feature from the same production company who brought us Coraline, and it’s easy to spot the similarities. Both are charming and creepy stop-motion family films, while bringing enough jokes and even chills to keep the parents in the audience entertained. The somewhat thin … Continue reading ParaNorman (2012)

Bus Stop (1956)

Bus Stop is the wildly underrated story of two young people at a crossroads (both figurative and literal) in their lives. She is hustling from the Ozarks to Hollywood, and he is journeying from his native Montana down to Phoenix to become a rodeo champion. It also presents a powerful message on the growing feminism … Continue reading Bus Stop (1956)

Youth in Revolt (2009)

There aren’t very many adaptations of ambitious, lengthy books into film that manage to not to trip on their own feet. I am very happy to say Youth in Revolt does not mishandle the book, but in fact adds a layer of realism and earnest emotion that the book (deliberately) strays away from. Youth in Revolt is a … Continue reading Youth in Revolt (2009)