Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

The best original musical in years. Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson is an unbelievably energetic and poignant tragicomedy exploring the life of one of the United States’ most celebrated and hated, admired and demonized presidents, Andrew Jackson. Part history book, part vaudeville, and a whole lot of minstrel show, the musical plays through Jackson’s life through … Continue reading Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

War Horse (2011)

I can’t believe I waited almost a year to see this. I was unexpectedly surprised and very satisfied with Spielberg’s latest film (his best sinceCatch Me If You Can a decade ago), based on the critically-acclaimed play of the same name. It has a charming enough beginning and premise: a young man takes in an … Continue reading War Horse (2011)

Picnic (1955)

The 1950s present a very unique crossroads in the American perception of youth. The whole conception of teen-agers and adolescents as their own distinctive demographic was still fairly fresh (a product of the post-World War II era), a tension highlighted by the shifting culture of film and art during that time. The classical era of … Continue reading Picnic (1955)

The Innocents (1961)

The scariest horror film I’ve seen in some time. It follows all of the elements of your typical Gothic horror feature (spooky old house, creepy kids). What makes this one so striking, however, is that in this movie, things go bump in the night, day, and everything in-between. We never get a moment of rest. … Continue reading The Innocents (1961)